Accident statistics:

Please see the official A9 safety group website for more information on A9 accident statistics here

See the Transport Scotland official Scottish accident statistics here


Average speed cameras:

  • The average speed cameras on the A9 are equipped with Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR) digital technology to recognise your registration
  • The A9 average cameras cover the longest distance in the UK (99 Miles).
  • Less than 4 people per day are recorded as having committing a speeding offence by the average cameras on the A9

Personal Assumptions on fixed installed average speed cameras on the A9 road (Note this may not be fact, so no responsibility can be taken whatsoever, this is simply a personal assumption):

  • It appears that recording works between two average speed camera units.
  • Dual sections do not yet appear to be covered by the cameras as of 16th December 2016 probably due to the location of each camera eg; no cameras sit directly before and directly after each dualled section, these would have to be installed before these sections could be covered accurately.
  • The website suggests that less than 4 people per day are being recorded as having committing a speeding offence, yet around 3 in 20 are recorded as having being over the speed limit.
  • It appears the tolerance is 10MPH over the prescribed limit.

To me, there appears to be a high tolerance toward speeding drivers, and the dual carriageways are not covered. Why is this?

See the A9 Safety group regular reports: A9 safety group reports

Speed limits:

  • The speed limit on single carriageway is 60MPH for cars, and 50MPH for lorries.
  • On dual carriageways the speed limit is 70MPH for cars, and 50MPH for lorries.
  • Temporary speed limits may be imposed along the way, for example the Kincraig to Dalraddy roadworks (Dualling) has variable speed limits, these are set for all vehicles using the road.

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