Film Layby 42 Charles Ingram

For the opening and closing scenes of the documentary "Layby 42", a look into the long term roadside resident Charles Ingram, I filmed using the DJI X5 drone.

I have undertaken many assignments involving the A9 road for press and various companies, however the time photographing Charles Ingram and filming the opening scene for the documentary, have been the most memorable so far.

I had photographed Charles Ingram for a number of media outlets previously, so during discussion with the film makers, it was decided that a dramatic opening sequence should include a long flyover of the A9 road near Dalwhinnie, a spectacular long road surrounded by craggy mountains that stretch into the wilderness of the Highlands.

An early morning freezing start and a whole lot of timing to keep both distances using spotters and the producers vehicle.

Charles was evicted from his "camp" on the A9, during the scuffle Charles appeared to have hit a Messenger-At-Arms with a mug. Charles's Mercedes was taken off him for some reason and he then got hold of a Fiat car, he lived in this for a while at Broxden Services. Charles has since moved on from this location.

Images below from stills of the opening scene and from when Mr Ingram still resided slightly North of House of Bruar:

Above: Still from the documentary

Above: Charles hangs up his trousers after washing them in the River Garry

Above: Raw emotion

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